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Land Area:
8,514,877 sq.km./3,287,594 sq.mi.
(incl. internal lakes & rivers)
2nd largest in world after Russian Federation

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& satellite view of BRAZIL

Government website(s):


Profile of BRAZIL

System of Measurement: i
Official Name:
República Federativa do Brasil (Federative Republic of Brazil)
Federal Republic. President & Bicameral National Congress (Federal Senate & Chamber of Deputies)
Head of State: President
(Dilma Rousseff)
Head of Government: President Dilma Roussel
(est. 2010)
source: (see below)
Urban population: 86%
(World 51%)
Density: (rounded) 24/sq. km.
(world av. 47/sq. km.)
Principal Cities: population
(city not Metro. area)
Metro area: 20.2m
BRASILIA (capital) 2.4m est
Financial & Economic data:
sources: (see below)
Exchange rate: USD  $1 = Real R$ 2.18
October 30, 2013 Euro €1 = Real R$ 3.01
(for current rates:
use currency converter on Home page)
GDP at current purchasers prices:
(World Bank est.)
US$1,910.5 bn
GDP rank — 8
(see notes below)
GDP per head:
(based on population above)
per capita rank — 46
10-yr gov. bond rate:
(October 31, 2013)
Annual inflation:
(est. 2010)
Cost of living:
(Dec. 2010)
USA (NY) = 100

Real Estate Contacts

Real Estate Market Data — Yields, Rents, Office Vacancy 2007–13

Prime Investment Yields/Cap Rates

Office Retail Industrial
mid 2007(f) - - -
mid 2008(f) - - -
mid 2009(g) 11.50% 10.00% 12.50%
mid 2010(h) 9.00% 8.50% 11.00%
mid 2011(h) - - -
mid 2012(h) - - -
mid 2013(e) - - -

Prime Net Rents(*)

(1 sq .m = 10.764 sq. ft.)(**) Zona Sul
(m2 p.m.)
Iguatemi Shopping
(m2 p.m.)
mid 2007 (a) - - -
mid 2008 (a) - - -
mid 2009 (b) - - -
mid 2010 (c) - - -
mid 2011 (c) - BRL 740 -
mid 2012 (c) BRL 250 BRL 750 -
mid 2013 (c) BRL 270 BRL 770 -

Vacancy rates

Sao Paulo
mid 2007 (d) -
mid 2008 (d) -
mid 2009 (d) -
mid 2010 (d) -
mid 2011 (d) -
mid 2012 (d) -
mid 2013 (d) -
Notes: (*) Largest City
          (**) View Country/Leases.pdf, for notes on lease terms

Real Estate Books/Journals

1. See Country/Biblio.pdf, for country bibliography
2. Visit our real estate Real Estate Bookstore
3. Find Real Estate Journals for BRAZIL


Real Estate Data – Rents, Yield, Office Vacancy:
(a) CBRE; Colliers; DTZ; E&Y; JLL;
Preston Rowe Paterson (Aus)
(b) CBRE; Colliers; DTZ; E&Y (c) CBRE; Colliers; C & W;
NewSec (Scandinavia & Baltic)
(d) CBRE; Colliers;  
(e) CBRE; C&W (f) CBRE; Colliers; C&W (g) CBRE; C & W; Colliers; (h) CBRE; C&W; Colliers; Savills;
NewSec (Scandinavia & Baltic)

i. Metric is used in most countries, except USA. A few countires continue to use mertic officially but retain historical/traditional measurement for building or land measurement, e.g. rents in UK are commonly quoted per sq.ft. and in Japan as per tsubo.

•Rents are quoted at a rate per sq.ft. or sq. metre (or a local measurement where indicated) and per annum or per month, according to local practice.
Prime office rents are face rents for per unit area for a floor area of around 250m2/2,500sq.ft in a modern building.
•Prime retail rents are based on the highest rent that an international retailer is "likely" to pay for per unit area for a ground floor 200m2/2,000sq.ft. high quality retail unit in the best retail location. In some countires it is customary to quote rents based on a Zone 'A' area. The quoted rent is based on sources indicated and Delta Alpha Research.
No account is taken of rent concessions (rent free periods, tenant fit-out payments, etc.), which are generally higher when the market is weaker; especially when there is a high vacancy rate.
Office rent is generally charged on the basis of net internal area(Eng)/rentable area(US).
Gr - indicates that the rent is charged on the basis of the gross floor area.

Prime Yields are based on sources indicated and Delta Alpha Research.
Where there are differences between rates indicated by agents, a median figure is adopted. (Yields are rounded to nearest 0.25% upto 7% and by 0.5% above 7%).
•Office vacancy rates are rounded to nearest 0.25%.
CBRE www.cbre.com Jones Lang LaSalle© www.joneslanglasalle.com  
Colliers International www.colliers.com Knight Frank www.knightfrank.com  
Cushman & Wakefield© www.cushwake.com NAI Global© www.naiglobal.com  
DTZ www.dtz.com NewSec www.newsec.se  
Ernst & Young www.ey.com Savills www.savills.com  
GVA Worldwide www.gvaworldwide.com      
CIA World Factbook http://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/index.html  
Government Website(s) See above
Corruption Perception Index (out of 10): http://cpi.transparency.org/cpi2011/
Financial & Economic Data:    
The World Bank http://data.worldbank.org/country
(Note: rank of GDP & GDP per head is merely indicative
and is based on US$ exchange rate for the year of estimate.
Also the GDP does not necessarily take account of the 'black economy')
International Monetary Fund International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook Database  
The Economist
& Pocket World in Figures, 2012 Edition
Cost of living index is a guide to the cost of household expenses for an expatriate family
(see Guide) (more at Economic Intelligence Unit).

Interest rates: Financial Times - Market Data or (if not provided) The Money Converter.

Bond rates are indicative at August 30, 2013 (rounded to 0.1%, unless stated to 0.01%):
Rates are derived from the Financial Times newspaper or the Economist, Bloomberg, Trading Economics, AsiaBondsOnline,
(‡ dollar-denominated bonds; † generic-government bonds)

Note: the 10-year bond rate is sometimes taken as the "safe-rate" for determining a real estate 'component capitalization rate', i.e. it is rate of return on the lowest level of risk — although real estate yields tend to reflect a long-term trend (see RealEstateDefined.com for a definition of safe rate and component capitalization rate).
Government Website(s) See above


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