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Real Estate Abbreviations & Acronyms

Property Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviation/Acronym Description
A Atlantic Reporter(US)
(Aus HC) High Court of Australia
A & E Ann Cas American and English Annotated Cases
A.2d Atlantic Reporter, Second Series, 1983-date (US)
A.L.I. The American Law Institute
a.s.f. annual sinking fund
a/c air conditioning
AAA rating triple A rating
AACI Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (See Appendix C)
AAR Accredited in Appraisal Review (review appraiser)
AAR average annual return
AB Anonymous Reports at the end of Benloe Reports, 1531-1628 (Eng)
(ACT) Australian Capital Territory
Abb Prac [NS] Abbott
ABS asset-backed security
AC Law Reports, Appeal Cases, 1890-date (Eng)
ACRS accelerated cost recovery system (See accelerated deprecitation)
Ad & El Adolphus and Ellis
AD.2d Appellate Division Reports, Second Series, New York (US)
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act 1990-2002
ADC loan acquisition, development and construction loan.
Adm Administrator
Admin. Administrat[ive, ion]
ADR alternative dispute resolution
ADR average daily room rate
ADS annual debt service
AEA Administration of Estates Act (Eng)
aff affirmed
AFFO adjusted funds from operations
A-G Attorney-General
AGA authorised guarantee agreement (Eng)
AGI adjusted gross income
AHA Agricultural Holding Act (Eng)
AI all inclusive
AIA American Institute of Architects (see Appendix C)
AIC Appraisal Institute of Canada (see Appendix C)
AIREA American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers (see Appendix C)
AIRR adjusted internal rate of return
AITD all-inclusive deed of trust
Ala Alabama; Alabama Supreme Court Reports
Ala Civ App Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama
Aleyn Aleyn
All ER All England Law Reports, 1936-date
All ER Rep All England Law Reports, Reprinted, 1558-1935
All ER Rep Ext All England Law Reports Reprint, Australian Extension Volumes, 1865-1935
ALR American Law Reports Annotated, 1913-1947
ALR Argus Law Reports, 1895-1973 (Aus)
ALR Australian Law Reports, 1973-date, formerly Argus Law
ALR2d American Law Reports Annotated, Second Series, 1948-1965
ALR3d American Law Reports Annotated, Third Series, 1965-1980
ALR4th American Law Reports Annotated, Fourth Series, 1980-1991
ALR5th American Law Reports Annotated, Fifth Series, 1992-date
ALTA American Land Title Association (see Appendix C)
Alta. CA Alberta, Court of Appeal (Can)
Am Dec American Decisions (Select Cases)
Am Rep American Reports
Am St Rep American State Reports, 1886-1911
Am. J2d. American Jurisprudence, second edition (See Appendix A, Bibliography)
Am.Jur.2d. American Jurisprudence, second edition (See Appendix A, Bibliography)
Am.L.Prop American Law of Property (See Appendix A, Bibliography)
Ambl Ambler
AMC Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (Eng)
AMC Asset Management Company
Amdt Amendment
AMI alternative mortgage instrument
AML adjustable-mortgage loan
AMT alternative mortgage transaction
Anno Annotation
Anno: ALR American Law Reports Annotated (see ALR)
Anon. anonymous case (Eng)
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AONB area of outstanding natural beauty (Eng)
APA American Planning Association (see Appendix C)
app. appreciation
App Cas Law Reports, Appeal Cases (House of Lords and Privy Council) 1875-1890 (Eng)
App DC Appeals Cases, District of Columbia
App Div Appellate Division (New York Supreme Court), 1896-1955
app. den. appeal denied
app. dism. appeal dismissed
appr appreciation
APR annual percentage rate
ARELLO Association of Real Estate Licensed Law Officials (see Appendix C)
ARES American Real Estate Society (see Appendix C)
AREUEA American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (see Appendix C)
Ariz Arizona; Arizona Supreme Court Reports, 1866-date
Ariz App Arizona Appeals Reports, 1965-1976
Ariz Ct App Court of Appeals of Arizona
Ark Arkansas; Arkansas Report
ARM adjustable-rate mortgage
ARR all-risks rate
ARR average rate of return
art./arts. article/articles
ARV aggregate retail value
ARY all-risks yield
ASA American Society of Appraisers (see Appendix C)
ASB Appraisal Standards Board (US)
ASHI American Society of Home Inspectors, Inc. (see Appendix C)
Ass Association
AST assured shorthold tenancy (Eng)
ATCF after-tax cash flow
Atk Atkyns
ATR Australian Tax Reports, 1969-date
(Aus) Australia
(Aus HC) Australia High Court
AUV alternative use value
AVD alternative valuation date (Eng)
AVM automated valuation model