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Real Estate Abbreviations & Acronyms

Property Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviation/Acronym Description
L & T Landlord and Tenant
L Ed Lawyers
L Ed.2d Lawyers
L Soc G Law Society Gazette, 1903-date (Eng)
L.S. locus sigilli, the place of the seal
L/C letter of credit
L/V ratio loan-to-value ratio
LA Limitation Act (Eng)
La Louisiana; Louisiana Reports, 1830-1841, 1901-1972
La Louisiana Supreme Court Reports, 1901-1972
La Ann Louisiana Annual Reports, 1846-1900
La CC Louisiana Civil Code
La Ct App Louisiana Court of Appeals
LAC (4th) Labour Arbitration Cases, Fourth Series (Can)
(Lat) Latin (or, in this book, more usually
Latch Latch
LC Civ. C Civil Code of Lower Canada (1866)
LC Ct Lord Chancellor
LCA Land Charges Act (Eng)
LCompA Land Compensation Act (Eng)
LCR Lower Canada Reports, 1850-67
LDO local development order (Eng)
Lea Lea
Leach Leach
Lev Levinz
Ley Ley
LGHA Local Government and Housing Act (Eng)
LGR Knight
LGRA Local Government Reports of Australia, 1956-date
LHA local housing authority (Eng)
LIBOR London Interbank Offered Rate
LIFO last in, first out
Lit. Litigation (Eng)
Litt Ten Littleton
LJ Law Journal, 1866-1965 (Eng)
LJ (OS) KB Law Journal, Old Series, King
LJ (OS) MC Law Journal, Magistrates Cases, Old Series, 1826-1831 (Eng)
LJ Ch Law Journal, Chancery, New Series, 1831-1946 (Eng)
LJ CP Law Journal Reports, Common Pleas, New Series, 1831-75 (Eng)
LJ Eq Law Journal, Chancery, New Series, 1831-1946 (Eng)
LJ Ex Law Journal, Exchequer, New Series, 1831-75 (Eng)
LJ Ex Eq Law Journal, Exchequer in Equity, 1835-1841 (Eng)
LJ KB Law Journal, King
LJ MC Law Journal, Magistrates Cases, New Series, 1866-1892 (Eng)
LJ OS Law Journal, Old Series, 1822-1831 (Eng)
LJ QB Law Journal, Queen
Ll L Rep Lloyd
LLCA Local Land Charges Act (Eng)
Lloyd Lloyd
LLR Land Registration Rules (Eng)
LP(MP)A Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Eng)
LPA Law of Property Act (Eng)
LPT listed property trust (Aus)
LQR Law Quarterly Review, 1885-date (Eng)
LR # Ch App Law Reports, Chancery Appeal Cases, 1865-1875 (Eng)
LR # CP Law Reports, Common Pleas Cases, 1865-1875 (Eng)
LR # Eq Law Reports, Equity Cases, 1866-1875 (Eng)
LR # Ex Law Reports, Exchequer Cases, 1865-1875 (Eng)
LR # HL Law Reports, English and Irish Appeals, House of Lords, 1866-1875
LR # PC Law Reports, Privy Council, 1865-75 (Eng)
LR # QB Law Reports, Queen
LR Ir Law Reports, Ireland, 1878-1893
LRA Land Registration Act (Eng)
LRA NS Lawyers
LRHUDA Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act (Eng)
LRK Kenya Law Reports, 1897-1956
(LT) Lands Tribunal (Eng)
LT Law Times Reports, 1859-1947 (Eng)
LT Law Times, Scranton, Pennsylvania, 1873-85
LTA Landlord and Tenant Act (Eng)
LT(C)A Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act (Eng)
LTNS Law Times Reports, New Series, 1859-1947 (Eng)
LTOS Law Times Reports, Old Series, 1843-1859 (Eng)
LTV loan-to-value ratio
LUI land use intensity (system) (US)
LVT Local Valuation Tribunal (Eng)