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Real Estate Abbreviations & Acronyms

Property Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviation/Acronym Description
M & E Mechanical and Electrical
M & S Maule and Selwyn
M & W Meeson and Welsby
M.R. Master of the Rolls (Eng)
MA metropolitan area
Macph Macpherson
Macq Macqueen
Macq HL Macqueen
Mad Madras High Court Reports (India)
Madd Maddock
Man & G Manning and Granger
MARCS modified accelerated cost recovery system
Martin Martin
Mass Massachusetts; Massachusetts Reports, 1967-date
Mass App Ct Massachusetts Appeals Court Reports, 1972-date
MBA Mortgage Bankers
MBB mortgage-backed bond
MBO mortgage-backed obligation
MBS mortgage-backed security
Md Maryland; Maryland Supreme Court Reports
MD Ala United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama
Md App Maryland Appellate Reports, 1967-date
MD La United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana
MD Pa United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania
Me Maine; Maine Supreme Court Reports
Mer Merivale
MFLA Master Farm and Land Appraiser (see Appendix C)
MGIC Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation
MIC mortgage insurance certificate
Mich Michigan; Michigan Supreme Court Reports, 1847-date
Mich. L. Rev. Michigan Law Review
Minn Minnesota; Minnesota Supreme Court Reports
Minn App Minnesota Court of Appeals
MIRR modified internal rate of return
Misc Miscellaneous Reports (New York)
Misc.2d Miscellaneous Reports, Second Series (New York)
Miss Mississippi; Mississippi Reports, 1851-1966
MLP master limited partnership
MLR Modern Law Review, 1937-date (Eng)
MLS multiple listing service
Mo Missouri; Missouri Supreme Court Reports, 1821-1956
Mo App Missouri Appeals Reports, 1876-1954
Mo App ED Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern Division
Mo Ct App Missouri Court of Appeals
Mod Rep Modern Reports, 1669-1775 (Eng)
Mont Montana; Montana Supreme Court Reports
Mont Rev Code Ann. Montana Revised Code Annotated
Mood and R Moody and Robinson
Moore (NS) Moore
Morr Morris
MPC master planned community
MPLR Municipal and Planning Law Reports (Can)
MPTB mortgage-pass-through bond
MRA Master Residential Appraiser (see Apendix A)
MRA multiple regression analysis
MRC major retail center
MSA Master Senior Appraiser
MSA metropolitan statistical area (US)
MTC measured term contract
MUD mixed-use development
Mun Municipal Law Report (Pennsylvania)
MV marriage value
My & K Mylne & Keen