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Real Estate Abbreviations & Acronyms

Property Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviation/Acronym Description
P Law Reports, Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division, 1891-1971 (Eng)
P Pacific Reporter (US)
P & CR Planning (Property from 1968) and Compensation Reports, 1949-date (Eng)
p & i principal and interest (payment)
P Ct Ohio Probate Court, Ohio
P & L profit and loss
P(LBCA)A Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act (Eng)
p. page
P.2d Pacific Reporter, Second Series (US)
P/E ratio price-earnings ratio
pa per annum
Pa Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania State Reports, 1845-date
Pa Cmwlth Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Reports
PAA Perpetuities and Accumulations Act (Eng)
PAC planned amortization class
Pac LJ Pacific Law Journal (US)
PAM pledged account mortgage
PAR plan d
para./paras. paragraph/paragraphs
PAZ plan d
(PC) Privy Council (Eng)
pc sum prime-cost sum
PCBs polychlorinated biphenyls
PCD planned commercial development
PD Law Reports, Probate Division, 1875-1890 (Eng)
Peake Peake
PEM pledged-account mortgage
perp. perpetuity
PERT program evaluation and review technique
PERT project evaluation and review technique
Pet Peters
PGI potential gross income
PGIM potential gross income multiplier
Ph Philip
PHA Public Heath Act (Eng)
PHA Public Housing Administration (US)
PI profitability index
PID planned industrial development
PILOT payment in lieu of taxes (US)
piti principal, interest, taxes and insurance
PLAM price-level-adjusted mortgage
P(LBCA)A Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act (Eng)
PLD plan l
Plowd Plowden
PLR Planning Law Reports (Eng)
PLSS public lands survey system (US)
PLU plan local d
PMDT purchase money deed of trust
PMI private mortgage insurance
PMM purchase money mortgage
PMSA primary metropolitan statistical area
pmt payment
pmt periodic payment
PNLR Professional Negligence and Liability Reports (Eng)
PO principal only (security)
POB point of beginning
POE post-occupancy evaluation
Pomeroy, Eq. Jur. A Treatise on Equity Jurisprudence by John Norton Pomeroy, 3rd ed. (1941)
POS plan d'occupation des sols (F)
pp per pro/per procuration (Lat)
pp. pages
PPG Planning Policy Guidance Note (Eng)
PPM parts per million
PPS Planning Policy Statement (Eng)
PR profitability ratio
PRD planned residential development
Prec Ch Precedents in Chancery (T. Finch) (24 ER), 1689-1722 (Eng)
PSA Property Services Agency (Eng)
psf per square foot
PSI positive spread investment
PTCF pre-tax cash flow
Pty. Property
PUD planned unit development
PUT property unit trust
PV present value
PW present worth
PWms Peere Williams