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Real Estate Abbreviations & Acronyms

Property Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviation/Acronym Description
s. section
S & L savings and loan association
S Ct Supreme Court Reports (US)
s.f. sinking fund
ss. sections
S.S. Steamship
(SA) South Australia
Salk Salkeld
SALR South Australia Law Reports, 1865-1892, 1888-1921
SAM shared-appreciation mortgage
Sask. CA Saskatchewan, Court of Appeals (Can)
SASR South Australian State Reports, 1921-date
Saund See Wms Saund (Eng)
SBS sick-building syndrome
SC Session Cases, 1907-date (Scot)
SC South Carolina Supreme Court Reports, 1868-date
SC (HL) House of Lords Session Cases (Scot)
SC Can Supreme Court of Canada
SC Ct App South Carolina Court of Appeals
Sc LR Scottish Law Reports, 1865-1924
Sch & L Schoales and Lefroy
Sch. Schedule
SCI soci
SCLR Scottish Civil Law Reports, 1987-date
(Scot) Scotland
SCR Reports of the Supreme Court of Canada
SD Sch
SD South Dakota Reports
SD Supreme Court of South Dakota
SD Cal United States District Court of the Southern District of California
SD CL South Dakota Codified Laws
SD CL Ann South Dakota Codified Laws Annotated
SD Fla United States District Court of the Southern District of Florida
SD Ill United States District Court of the Southern District of Illinois
SD Ind United States District Court of the Southern District of Indiana
SD Iowa United States District Court of the Southern District of Iowa
SD NY United States District Court of the Southern District of New York
SD Ohio United States District Court of the Southern District of Ohio
SDO Special Development Order (Eng)
SE South Eastern Reporter (US)
SE.2d South Eastern Reporter, Second Series (US)
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
Sec. Securit[y, ies]
sec. section
secs. sections
SEM shared-equity mortgage
sf sinking fund
sf square feet; square foot
SFD single-family detached
SFR single-family residence
SGA Sale of Goods Act (Eng)
Shep Touch Sheppard
SHO surface de plancher hors oeuvre (F)
SHOB surface de plancher hors oeuvre brut (F)
SHON surface de plancher hors oeuvre nette (F)
SI Statutory Instrument (Eng)
Sickels Sickels
SII soci
SIIC soci
SLA Settled Land Act (Eng)
SLAA Sale of Land at Auctions Act (Eng)
SLE substantive lessor entity
SLT (Sh Ct) Scots Law Times Reports, Sheriff Court, 1893-date
sm square metre
SMBS stripped mortgage-backed security
SMSA standard metropolitan statistical area
SNDA subordination, nondisturbance, and attornment agreement
SNH Scottish National Heritage
So Southern Reporter (US)
So.2d Southern Reporter, Second Series (US)
Sol J Solicitor
SOYD sum of the years
SPC special-purpose corporation
SPE special-purpose entity
SPV single-purpose vehicle
SPZ simplified planning zone (Eng)
SR & O Statutory Rules and Orders (Eng)
SR (NSW) New South Wales, State Reports, 1901-1970 (Aus)
ss. sections
SSSI site of special scientific interest (Eng)
St R Qd Queensland State Reports 1902-57 (Aus)
St Tr Howell
Stark Starkie
Stat Statutes
STC Simon
Stra. Reports by Sir John Strange (d. 1754), M.R. 1st ed. 1755 2 vols.
supra above
supt. supplement
Sur. Surety
Suth. St. Const. Sutherland on Statutes and Statutory Construction (1896, 4th rev. ed. 1985)
SW. L. Rev. Southwestern Law Review, 1916-1918 (US)
Sw. UL Rev. Southwestern University Law Review
SW.2d South Western Reporter, Second Series (US)
SW/SW Rep South Western Reporter (US)
Swans Swanston
SYD depreciation sum-of-the-years