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Real Estate Abbreviations & Acronyms

Property Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviation/Acronym Description
W Va West Virginia; West Virginia Supreme Court Reports
W Va App Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia
W Va LQ West Virginia Law Quarterly
(WA) Western Australia
WACC weighted average cost of capital
WAL weighted average life
Wall Wallace Reports (US)
WALR Western Australia Law Reports, 1898-date
Wash Washington; Washington Supreme Court Reports
Wash App Washington Appellate Reports
Wash App.2d Washington Appellate Reports, Second Series
Wash Ct App Washington Court of Appeals
Wash. L. Rev. Washington Law Review
Wash.2d Washington Supreme Court Reports, Second Series
WD Ark United States District Court of the Western District of Arkansas
WD Pa United States District Court of the Western District of Pennsylvania
Wheat Wheaton
Wils KB Wilson
Wing. Wingate
Wis Wisconsin Supreme Court Reports
Wis.2d Wisconsin Supreme Court Reports, Second Series
WLR Weekly Law Reports, 1953-date (Eng)
Wms Saund Williams
WN Law Reports, Weekly Notes, 1866-1951 (Eng)
WN (NSW) Weekly Notes, New South Wales, 1884-date (Aus)
WR Weekly Reports, 1853-1906 (Eng)
WWR Western Weekly Reports, 1911- (Can)
Wyo Wyoming; Wyoming Supreme Court Reports, 1870-1959
Y yield rate
YB Year Books (followed by year of King
YE equity yield rate
YO overall yield rate
YP years' purchase
YTM yield to maturity
ZAC zone d
ZAD zone d
ZEP zone d
ZIF zone d'intervention fonci
ZPPAUP zone de protection du patrimoine architectural, urbain et paysage (F)
ZUP zone ´ urbaniser en priorié