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Real Estate Abbreviations & Acronyms

Property Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviation/Acronym Description
c. chapter (Act of Parliament) (Eng)
c. mortgage co-efficient (US)
C & P Craig and Philips
C. Civ. Code Civil (French Civil Code)
C. Com. Code de Commerce (French Commercial Code)
C. I. R. Commissioner of Inland Revenue (US)
C. rur. Code Rural (French Rural Code)
C. urb. Code de l
C.F.R. Code of Federal Regulations (US)
C.J. Corpus Juris Secundum (US)
C.J.S. Corpus Juris Secundum (US) (See Appendix A, Bibliography)
CA commonhold association (Eng)
CA Commons Act (Eng)
(CA) Court of Appeal (Eng)
CA# Court of Appeals, no. of Federal Judicial Circuit (US)
CAD cash available for distribution
Cal California; California Reports
Cal App California Appellate Reports
Cal App.2d California Appellate Reports, Second Series
Cal App.3d California Appellate Reports, Third Series
Cal App.4th California Appellate Reports, Fourth Series
Cal B & PC California Business and Professional Code
Cal CC California Civil Code
Cal CP California Civil Procedure
Cal Gov. C. California Government Code
Cal Rptr California Reporter
Cal.2d California Supreme Court Reports, Second Series
Cal.3d California Supreme Court Reports, Third Series
CAM common area maintenance
Camp Campbell
(Can) Canada
CAP rate capitalization rate
CAPEX capital expenditure
Car & K Carrington and Kirwan
Car & M Carrington and Marshman
Car & P Carrington and Payne
Casey Casey
Cass Cour de Cassation (France)
Cass Civ Cassation Chambre Civile-Court of Cassation (France)
CB Common Bench Reports by Manning, Granger & Scott (135-9 ER), 1845-1856 (Eng)
CB (NS) Common Bench Reports, New Series by John Scott (140-4 ER), 1857-1865 (Eng)
CBA cost-benefit analysis
CBD central business district
CC Civil Code
CC County Council (Eng)
CC Pa Circuit Court Pennsylvania
CC&Rs covenants, conditions and restrictions
CCA Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
CCA Court of Civil Appeals of Texas
CCS commonhold community statement (Eng)
CD certificate of deposit
CDO collateralized debt obligation
CERCLA Comprehensive Environment Response and Liability Act (see Appendix B)
cert. certificate
cert. certiorari
cert. den. certiorari denied
cf. confer, compare with
CFAT cash flow after tax
CFBT cash flow before tax
CFO collateralized fund obligation
CGT capital gains tax (Eng)
Ch Law Reports Chancery Division, 1891-date (Eng)
Ch App Law Reports, Chancery Appeal Cases, 1865-1875 (Eng)
Ch Cas Cases in Chancery (22 ER), 1660-1698 (Eng)
Ch D Law Reports Chancery Division, 1875-1890 (Eng)
Ch./Chs chapter/chapters
Cir. Circuit Court of Appeals (federal)
Cir. Ct. Circuit Court (state)
Cir. Ct. App. Circuit Court of Appeal(s) (state)
CL Common Law Reports, American Reprints, 1875-1890
CL Current Law, 1947-date (Eng)
Cl & F Clark and Finnelly
Cl. Ct. Claims Court
Clarke Clarke
CLEUD certificate of lawfulness of existing use or development (Eng)
CLOPUD certificate of lawfulness of proposed use or development (Eng)
CLPA Common Law Procedure Act (Eng)
CLR Canada Law Reports, 1923-date
CLR Commonwealth Law Reports, 1903-date (Aus)
CLRA Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act (Eng)
CLY Current Law Year Book, 1947-date (Eng)
CM construction management
CMA comparative market analysis
CMBS commercial mortgage-backed security
Cmnd Command Papers (Eng)
CMO collateralized mortgage obligation
CMSA consolidated metropolitan statistical area
CNAREA Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (see Appendix C)
CO certificate of occupancy
Co Inst Coke
Co Litt Coke on Littleton, c. 1628 (see Appendix B, Bibliography)
Co Rep Coke
Co Rep Coke
Co./Co company
Code Civ. Proc. Code of Civil Procedure (French)
Colo Colorado; Colorado Supreme Court Reports
Colo App Colorado Court of Appeal Reports
Com Comerback
Com Cas Commercial Cases, 1896-1941 (Eng)
Comm R Commonwealth Arbitration Reports, 1905-date (Aus)
Comm. Committee
Comm Commission (US)
Comm Commissioner(s) (US)
Comp Laws Compiled Laws (US)
Con LR Construction Law Reports (Eng)
Conn Connecticut; Connecticut Reports
Conn App Connecticut Appellate Reports, 1983-date
Conn App Ct Connecticut Appellate Court
Conn Sup Connecticut Supplement
Const LJ Construction Law Journal (Eng)
Conv Pr L Conveyancer and Property Lawyer, 1936-date (Eng)
Conv. Conveyancer, 1915-1936 (Eng)
Cor.Jur.Sec. Corpus Juris Secundum (see Appendix A, Bibliography)
COREA construction operation and reciprocal easement agreement
Corp. Juris. Corpus Juris Secundum (see Appendix A, Bibliography)
Corp./Corp Corporation
COS coefficient d
Cowell Cowell
Cowp Cowper
Cox Cox
CP Rep Common Pleas Reporter, Scranton, Pennsylvania
CPA critical path analysis
CPD Law Reports, Common Pleas Division, 1875-1880 (Eng)
CPI consumer price index
CPM critical path method
CPO compulsory purchase order (Eng)
CPR Canadian Patent Reporter, 1941-date
Cr M & R Crompton, Meeson and Roscoe
CRA Canadian Residential Appraiser (see Appendix C)
Cranch Cranch
CRE corporate real estate
CRE Counselors of Real Estate (see Appendix C)
Crim LR Criminal Law Review, 1954-date (Eng)
Cro Eliz Croke
Cro Jac Croke
CRV certificate of reasonable value (US)
Ct App NY Court of Appeals of New York
Ct Cl Court of Claims Reports, 1863-1982/United States Claims, 1982-1992
Ct Cl United States Court of Claims
CTC Canada Tax Cases
Cth Commonwealth (Aus)
CTT capital transfer tax (Eng)
CU certificat d
Cush Cushing
Cushm Cushman
CUV current use value
Cyc. Cyclopedia of Law & Procedure (US)