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Real Estate Abbreviations & Acronyms

Property Abbreviations and Acronyms

Abbreviation/Acronym Description
F Federal Reporter (US)
F&B food and beverage
F & F Foster and Finlason
F Supp Federal Supplement, 1932-1998 (US)
F Supp.2d Federal Supplement, Second Series, 1998-date (US)
F.2d Federal Reporter, Second Series
F.3d Federal Reporter, Third Series
FADA Federal Asset Disposition Association (US)
Fam Law Family Law, 1971-date (Eng)
FAMC Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (US)
FAR floor area ratio (US)
FASIT financial asset securitization investment trust
FCP free cash flow
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (US)
Fed. Federal
Fed. Cir. United States Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit
FF & E furniture, fixtures and equipment
FFLS Federal Farm Loan System (US)
FFO funds from operations
FHA Federal Housing Administration (US)
FHFB Federal Housing Finance Board (US)
FHLBB Federal Home Loan Bank Board (US)
FHLMC Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) (US)
FIABCI Federation Internationales des Professions Immobili
FIFO first in, first out
FIG Federation International des G
FIRPTA Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (US) (see Appendix B)
FIRREA Federal Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act (US) (see Appendix B)
Fla Florida; Florida Supreme Court Reports, 1846-1948
Fla App Florida District Court of Appeals
FLIP flexible loan insurance plan (US)
FLR Family Law Report (Eng)
FM facility management
FmHA Farmer
FMV fair market value
FNAIM Federation Nationale de L
FNMA Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) (US)
FPM flexible-payment mortgage
FRA Fines and Recoveries Act (Eng)
FREIT finite life real estate investment trust
FRI lease full repairing and insuring lease
FRM fixed-rate mortgage
FRN fixed-rate note
FRT federally-related transaction (US)
FRV full rental value
FSA Farm Services Agency (US)
FSA Financial Services Act (Eng)
FSA Financial Services Authority (UK)
FSBO for sale by owner
FSG full service gross (lease)
FSI floor space index
FUM funds under management
FV future value