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démembrements de la propriété(F)

Literally ‘dismemberments’ or fragmentation of property, i.e. dividing ownership of land or real property into separate or fragmented parts; partial ownership. "Property is subject to divided interests when, for the conveyance of full ownership, the concurrence of two or more persons, having rights or powers in the subject matter, would be necessary." Amos & Walton’s Introduction to French Law (3rd ed. 1967), p. 130. These ‘real rights’ into which property can be divided are: nue-propriété (bare ownership); usufruit (usufruct); a servitude (easement); usage and habitation; concession immobiliére and the right to the superficie; and the long leases – bail emphytéotique (emphyteotic lease) and bail á construction. This subdividing of ownership may be extended to include a mortgage, or a conditional interest, e.g. a life interest. However, a divided interest must be limited in its duration, as it is a rule of French law (akin to the rule against perpetuities in common law) that such right should not be unduly prolonged so as to prevent absolute or complete ownership being transferred or alienated within a reasonable period of time. See also bundle of rights theory, droit réel, propriété.

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