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Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBanks)(US)

A system of 12 regional banks that were first set up in 1932 to provide liquidity in the primary mortgage market. The FHLBanks and their members are a source of stable, low-cost funds to financial institutions for home mortgage, small business, rural and agricultural loans are the largest source of home mortgages and community credit in the United States. The FHLBanks raise money through bond issues and make loans to their 8,100 members, which includes 80% of the US mortgage lenders. FHLB paper earns high-grade investment rating through the implicit government backing on their debt, although there is no explicit guarantee. An innovative component of the FHLBanks member services is their acquired mortgage assets (AMA) or mortgage programs. These FHLBank mortgage programs serve as an alternative to the secondary mortgage market. The programs split the associated risks according to expertise of the member lenders and Home Loan Banks. Member lenders keep the credit risk and maintain the customer relationship, while the FHLBanks manage the interest rate risk. Unbundling these risks allows the member and the FHLBanks to manage what each knows best.

See also www.fhlbanks.com

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